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Change the case of filenames with Zsh

Today, after importing photos from my iPhone to my Mac, I noticed their filenames were all uppercase whereas I want them to be all lowercase. This is a task zsh can perform easily with a oneliner.

The files before the renaming.


This oneliner iterates over the files whose name starts with IMG and ends with .PNG and rename each one to lowercase.

for file in IMG*.PNG ; do  mv $file ${file:l}  ; done
The key trick here is ${file:l} (with an 'l' as in lowercase) that outputs the content of the variable file all lowercase.

The files have been successfully renamed all lowercase.


Should you need to perform the opposite ie. convert the file names to uppercase, use ${file:u} instead, like so:

for file in img*.png ; do  mv $file ${file:u}  ; done